Watch: Ladies Room - Sheba Karim
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Watch: Ladies Room

Ladies Room follows the adventures of Dingo and Khanna, two young women living large and toking up in Bombay.  As the show’s name indicates, it  takes place in a variety of bathrooms, from the series opener when they smoke a joint in a train bathroom to plotting career moves in a hotel bathrooms to accidentally drinking water laced with molly in a nightclub bathroom. Though the episodes feel too long, the dialogue is witty and sharp, peppered with frank female conversations about dating, the misogyny of the corporate world, dick pics, sex and the brave new world of social media.  (Yash Raj Films touted the above trailer, which I don’t think does the show justice, as the “raunchiest and most outrageous in YRF’s history.”)

Due to the shtick of it being set in bathroom, the show can start to feel claustrophobic. But maybe this is a reflection of reality; in India (and many other places in this world) certain behaviors and conversations by and between women are more likely to take place in protected, non-public spaces.

One of the most surprising things for me as an American viewer was the plot thread involving a termination of an unwanted pregnancy that is handled in a matter-of-fact, non-judgmental almost never seen in American television. For India, and most any country, in fact, Ladies Room is an honest and refreshing depiction of girl talk that is well worth a watch.