The Best Baby Carrier - Sheba Karim
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The Best Baby Carrier

Yes, strollers can be useful, until you move to New Delhi, where good sidewalks (and general pedestrian friendliness) is, sadly, a very low priority. Since coming to India, the stroller’s stayed in the closet, but we’ve made excellent use of our Happy Baby carrier.

Why do I love the Happy Baby carrier? We used a Baby Bjorn before but it was bulky and took up too much room in the suitcase. This time, I researched a carrier that was easy to put on, not bulky and could be used year round. Reader, I found it. The Happy Baby carrier is sturdy, comfortable and easy to wear, it’s made of breathable, lightweight linen that works for warm or cold weather and it easily fits inside a backpack or diaper bag.  Hallelujah.

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