Take: A Jinn Quiz - Sheba Karim
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Take: A Jinn Quiz

I was reading up on jinn recently, and created this quick quiz to test your jinn savvy:


1) Which animal are jinn least likely to shape shift into?

a) Snake

b) Dog

c) Bird

d) Wolf

e) Donkey


2) Which of these may indicate the person you’re hanging out with is actually a jinn?

a) Likes to hang out in ruins

b) No reflection in mirror

c) Terrible at riding a bike

d) Their feet are turned backwards

e) All of the above


3) Which of these frighten jinn?

a) Copper

b) Iron

c) Gold

d) Lapis Lazuli

e) Eggs


4) Which of these statements about jinn is false?

a) Jinn can get married

b) Jinn can have children

c) Jinn are fearful of wind

d) Jinn have a justice system

e) Jinn enjoy eating bones




  1. d – Jinn are supposedly fearful of wolves
  2. e – You’ve been warned!
  3. b – Jinn are thought to be deathly afraid of iron
  4. c – Jinn have long been associated with wind and are often thought to travel by it


Photo: An altar at Firoz Shah Kotla, a 14th century ruin in Delhi, India where people make supplications to the jinn-saints who live there (want to know more?  Check out Anand Taneja’s Jinnealogy: Time, Islam and Ecological Thought in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi).