Watch as a Family: Shaun the Sheep (Top 3 Episodes) - Sheba Karim
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Watch as a Family: Shaun the Sheep (Top 3 Episodes)

During quarantine, we needed a family show that would entertain and hold the attention of a 2 yr old, 6 yr old and their parents.  A  spin-off from Wallace and Gromit, it features the same, detailed stop-animation.  Shaun the Sheep has been an utter delight.   The protagonist Shaun is a mischievous and intelligent sheep who both aids and hampers the efforts of his good friend Blitzer, a sheepdog who manages the farm and its often unruly inhabitants on behalf of the oblivious Farmer.

Shaun the Sheep is a smart, slapstick comedy with heart.  Though the episodes are only seven minutes long and contain no dialogue, they often feature complicated narratives, emotional depth, laugh out loud humor and the occasional class/cultural commentary.   Here are my Top 3:

Top 3 Shaun the Sheep Episodes (Season 1 to 5)

  1. Rude Dude: Farmer’s beloved rock idol visits the farm.  The idol may fall, but music will save the day.  (Season 5, Episode 6 on Amazon Prime)
  2. Party Animals: Shaun and Blitzer lose Farmer’s birthday party invitations, but who needs people for a party? (Season 2, Episode 11 on Amazon Prime)
  3. Karma Farmer: Fed-up, Farmer takes off and comes back hippie—or does he? (Season 5, Episode 2 on Amazon Prime)