Alchemy: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories 2 is out now!

I’m very proud to announce that Alchemy: The Tranquebar Anthology of Erotic Short Stories 2, the second anthology in Tranquebar’s acclaimed lit erotica series, has just been released! India residents can buy it online here (Landmark) or here (Flipkart) or at a bookstore near you.  It was an honor for me to work with a group of such talented authors, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed editing it.

In Alchemy, Tranquebar’s second anthology of erotic short stories, editor Sheba Karim has brought together thirteen diverse works about the pleasures and pains of sex – an unapologetic account of a post-modern man’s attraction to his maid, a futuristic tale of a four gendered orgy, a poignant narrative of a boy’s sexual awakening in a cinema bathroom, a lyrical meditation on a mysterious woman’s carnal lessons to an imprisoned monk. The anthology’s stories are vivid and well-crafted, moving across genres, orientations, continents and genders, taking the reader on a intimate journey through the complexities of sex, lust, and desire as the characters search for a cure for the alchemy of love.

Featuring stories by:
Abeer Hoque
Amitava Kumar
Ananda Devi
Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar
Lopa Ghosh
M. Svarini
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Mohan Sikka
Rabi Thapa
Ranbir Sidhu
Sheba Karim
Shrimoyee Nandini


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7 responses to “Alchemy: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories 2 is out now!

  1. Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

    Dear Sheba, It was such a pleasure working with you. And, of course, it was so exciting to write an erotica! Thank you for your guidance. And I am looking forward to more collaborations in the future. –H.S.S.

  2. Yes Sheba, congrats. Your commitment and diligence made this happen. What a fine editing job! — Mohan

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  4. Book cover photo by Edward Olive photographer.

    Good luck with the book.

    Kind regards

    Edward Olive

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